ADHD and Adrenaline

The inspiration for this episode of ADHD Smarties is my friend Nadia. She’s a woman living with ADHD who, like most of us with the disorder, struggles to motivate herself when it comes to day-to-day domestic tasks. But she’s also kind of a superhero. Back in August of 2015, she hopped on a plane to Croatia to rescue her family who were migrating to escape the Syrian war. She did things far beyond her comfort zone and put herself at great risk to escort her family to safety.

Nadia’s story inspired me to seek out answers as to why ADHDers often struggle with menial tasks, but when we’re faced with a highly stressful situation, we can easily rise to the challenge and perform unbelievable feats of courageousness. In this episode, we will explore how adrenaline works to motivate us, and get a better understanding of how it specifically affects the ADHD brain. We’ll also discuss how you can find ways to naturally increase these stimulants without having to take up base-jumping or swimming with sharks. 

  • 3:19 - Nadia's experience with ADHD: The good, the bad, and the goddamn laundry
  • 5:00 - Nadia goes to Croatia
  • 6:13 - What happens to us during high stress situations?
  • 8:03 - Procrastination: The adrenaline inducing motivator
  • 9:08 - Adrenaline addiction and the dangers of prolonged stress
  • 10:50 - What Nadia learned about her ADHD from her experience
  • 12:10 - Healthy ways to motivate ourselves and manage stress
  • 15:53 - Know thy-ADHD symptoms, and make them work for thine self
  • 21:30 - Ego depletion, motivation, and some tricks to effective adulting

Click here for Nadia's full story.

The bit about our expert: 
Luke Hanlin is a PhD candidate in experimental psychology at Brandeis University. He studies aspects of the stress response including inflammation, metabolism, and appraisals.